-Advance Ticket-



ONE AND ONLY 8th Anniversary feat. Solarstone
-Trance & Progressive Classics Night-

-Entrance Fee-
ADVANCE : 3000 yen + 1 drink Required

DAY : 4000 yen + 1 drink Required

Under 25 : 2500 yen + 1 Drink service
DAY Only and please show your ID

-20歳以上、25歳以下の方は当日券のみ2500円 (1ドリンク付)でご入場頂けます。

-Pure Trance, Trance & Progressive Classics Floor-

Special Guest : Solarstone [UK / Pure Trance]

YODA [HORIZON] DJ Tokunaga [CONURES / One and Only] O-ZI & DJ NECO [Landscape / One and Only] Norio SP [Ligaya / Anahera] AJ [Sacred Technology / Ligaya / COT]

Snafkin (映像犯 関東支部)
VJ Akiko

-00's Trance & Progressive Classics Floor-

Guest DJ
Erich Logan
Codeswitch [Ascent Recordings]

Les Tontons Tranceurs [COT] Blue-S [One and Only / Analog Journey] TATEGOTO AZARASHI [Magnificent Trance / Vangurd] Lavee [Mystic / SMOOTH]

Takashi Konnai
PhotobyU (映像犯 関東支部)




The golden age of trance & progressive house, once again!

From the late 90's to the 00's, the new club music movement from Europe brought us some of the best moments in Japan.

In order to bring back those great songs and party fever, "One and Only" Club Classics party has been held since 2015 with YODA & DJ Tokunaga's resident, inviting top DJs from Japan and abroad who have been active since those days.

This year marks the 8th anniversary of the party. As a special guest, legendary UK trance DJ Solarstone, who has released such smash hits as "Seven Cities," "Solarcoaster," and "Like A Waterfall," will return to Japan!

Solarstone has been leading the scene as a symbol of the Epic House/Balearic Trance era in the 90's and the Progressive Trance era in the 00's. Since the 2010's, he has been a leader of the new trance movement, focusing on the reconstruction of the golden age of trance. The legend who continues to have a great influence on the scene as the leader of Pure Trance will make his fifth visit to Japan in four years. From the masterpieces of the time to the latest Pure Trance. He will be spinning a magnificent tale that could be called the history of the trance scene itself.

DJs from parties such as Landscape, Magnificent, Anahera, and others who have made Solarstone's Japan performances possible, as well as DJs who have been active since that time or have admired this era, will gather at one party to play the most brilliant music of each era.

Experience the glory and future of this movement that has been going on for nearly 30 years.


トランス & プログレッシヴハウス黄金期のサウンドよ、再び!


そんな名曲とパーティーの熱を再び実現する為、当時から活躍を続ける国内外のトップDJ達を迎えてYODA & DJ Tokunagaのレジテントと共に2015年か開催され続けてきたClub Classicsパーティー"One and Only"

今年いよいよ8年目を迎えるパーティーのアニバーサリー。その特別なゲストにはUKの伝説的トランスDJであり、"Seven Cities"や"Solarcoaster" "Like A Waterfall"といった大ヒット曲を世に送り出してきたSolarstoneの再来日が吉祥寺SEATAで実現!!

90年代のEpic House / Balearic系Trance時代、00年代のProgressive Trance時代にシーンを象徴する存在として常にシーンをリードし続け、2010年代からはトランス黄金期の再構築にいち早くスポットをあてた新たなトランスムーブメントPure Tranceの盟主として現在でもシーンに大きな影響を与え続けているレジェンドが4年ぶり、5回目の来日を果たす。当時の名曲から最新のPure Tranceまで。トランスシーンの歴史そのものとも言える壮大な物語を紡いでくれることだろう。

更にこれまでSolarstoneの来日公演を実現させてきたLandscape, Magnificent, AnaheraといったパーティーのDJ陣、当時から活動を続けたり、この時代に憧れを抱いたDJ達が時代を超えて一つのパーティーへと集結し、各々の時代に最も輝いていた曲をプレイする。