HTDP 010 -  Kanata.t - Stuck In My Hand

1.Original Mix
2.SKAWZ Remix
3.Conures Remix




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Housetribe Deep's 10th release, "Stack In My Hand," is the Melodic Progressive producer Kanata.t, who also does A&R for RockRiverRecords and has released on the Emergent and Embers Melody labels.

"Original Mix" has a beautifully luscious finish and solid production that combines the best parts of the Progressive and Melodic House scenes.
The remix by up & coming artist SKAWZ is a more minimal composition that fits the current Melodic House scene. The melancholy melodies and hands-up, epic breakdown are sure to be a hit at sunset and other times of the day.
Other remix by Conures, the label's founder, features a sound that could be considered a legitimate evolution of the melodic Progressive House of the mid-2000s. The transparent synth pads and bottom-heavy grooves are a perfect match for the timeless depth of the track. It is a deep and emotional sound that will be loved beyond time.
Housetribe Deep10番目のリリースとなる本作はRockRiverRecordsのA&Rを務め、EmergentやEmbers Melodyといったレーベルからリリースを重ねるMelodic Progressiveの注目プロデューサーKanata.tの"Stack In My Hands"
ProgressiveとMeloric Houseシーンの良い部分を持ち合わせた確かなプロダクションと甘美な曲の余韻が美しい。
注目のアーティストSKAWZによるRemixは現行のMelodic Houseシーンにフィットしたよりミニマルな構成が魅力的な内容。
レーベルの主催ConuresによるRemixは2000年代中期頃のメロディアスなProgressive Houseの正統派進化系ともいえるサウンドが特徴。透明感のあるシンセパッドとボトムの効いたグルーヴ。時代を超えて愛されるであろうディープでエモーショナルなサウンドとなっている。